The transplant of peony in autumn is determined by the habit of peony. In autumn, the air is cool, the temperature is suitable, after transplanting, the roots grow rapidly, before winter, a batch of new roots have developed mature, to the next spring, the roots can be normal supply of nutrients, plants into vegetative growth. In spring transplanting, on the one hand, the root was seriously damaged; on the other hand, the root wound healing needs a process, in the new root did not grow, the weather has turned warm. With the change of temperature, the above-ground parts have begun to sprout and grow leaves, which need to consume a lot of nutrients, but the root system can not absorb the water and nutrients, so it is not easy to survive; even if it survives, its growth is very thin and weak, and it is still difficult to spend the summer Even less likely to bloom.

If it must be transplanted in spring, it must be carried out as early as possible after the soil thaws. Note for Spring Migration:

1. When the bud of the scale has not yet germinated or is about to germinate, the original mound big soil lump is transplanted.

2 water immediately after planting, followed by a week, then water once a month, until the rainy season.

3. Cut off excess shoots, buds, and overgrown branches to minimize consumption.

4.Strengthen field management, timely weeding, loosening soil, appropriate fertilization.

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