1. Picking seeds, generally in early August, peony seeds mature one after another. The seeds are initially white, nearly Brown at maturity, and black at maturity. When the fruit was picked crab yellow, put indoor cool damp place, make the seeds in the shell after ripening, and often turn, so as not to heat, until most of the fruit cracking, seed emergence. Do not dry in the sun, or the seeds often do not germinate.

2. Seed treatment, the seeds out, should be sowed immediately, sowing late, the next year does not germinate, or even wait until the third year of Spring to Germinate. If it is too late to sow, wet sand burial method can be used, planting sand ratio of 2:8. This about 30 days, bud tip slightly exposed, and then sowing in the field, the following spring is still normal germination. Direct sowing or quickening germination in sand, the seeds should be soaked in 50 °C warm water for a day and night to make the seed coat soft, absorbent and expand, easy to germinate and germinate.

3. tree peony is not very high demand for soil, choose permeability of sandy soil or loam soil, soil adaptability is more extensive, do not viscosity too much soil can be

4, Management, in order to prevent soil moisture evaporation, can shade in the seedbed, it is best not too much water, because watering more soil will harden. After entering November, sunshade can be removed, before the frost with Straw, grain grass or leaves covered seedbed to prevent moisture preservation, until the next year in February to remove the cover, start watering.

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