If you like to plant peony, you should know that peony is a kind of flower plant. The requirements of growing environment are very strict. As long as you have mastered some small skills to maintain peony flowers, so in this season also can transplant peony flower Oh! Because peony flowers like to grow in a cool, well-drained place, so generally in the spring when transplanting peony flowers, will be more difficult and in the autumn, peony it’s roots grow more fat, grow white and tender fine roots. So when transplanting peony flowers, as long as the root system can make peony flowers become fat and strong, then it will be very easy to survive. The following is to hand over to everybody this right in this peony flower 8 big skills, as long as completes these steps, can guarantee the peony flower to be beautiful

1. Prepare for transplanting

Because in April is the flower bud differentiation season of peony, it is easy to damage the root system of transplanted peony at this time, resulting in insufficient nutrient supply, destroying the nutrient balance in the plant, affecting the flower bud differentiation and flowering Or is not the State of growth, or even excessive damage to the root system, but also very easy to affect the plant root rot death phenomenon.

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2. Seedling selection

If you want to peony really grow well, then must choose those growth fat strong, full peony seedlings. If it is random selection of some poor branching ability, and the root system is not developed varieties, then basically in the spring is difficult to survive. Therefore, it is best to choose those varieties with more developed roots to transplant.

3. Seedling requirements

It is very important to keep the earth ball when digging the peony flowers. Only by keeping the earth ball on the root can the water supply of the root be extended and the survival rate of the plant be increased It can also avoid over-drying the roots during the production process, reduce the evaporation of water and promote the growth of plants.

4. Home Planting

When the peony seedlings arrive at their destination at the first time, they should be planted in time. At this time, the straw wrapped in the roots or other packing bags can be removed and the peony flowers together with the earth balls can be placed in the dug pits If planting can not be done in the first place, put the peony plant in a cool, well-ventilated place and spray it with water to keep it alive.

5. Prune

In order to ensure an optimal growth state of peony flowers, we must learn to prune some of the flower branches, ensure the normal distribution of nutrients in the plant, cut off some of the new leaf buds and flower buds, and Prune them according to the normal maintenance Only one bud is needed for each flower branch.

6. Fat Water Management

After transplanting the peony well again, we must first water it thoroughly, and then the second watering time should be half a month later, and then basically is the advent of the rainy season, at this time also need to give Paeonia suffruticosa drainage measures To prevent the accumulation of water leading to root rot. In the vigorous growth period of peony, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can be applied 2 ~ 3 months after taking pot, which can promote the bud opening of peony and prolong the flowering period.

7. Shade and cool down

Because the peony flowers like to grow in a cool and ventilated place, so to the summer, it is necessary to give it shading cooling treatment, only reduce the transpiration of leaves, can extend the peony flowering period. In the course of daily maintenance, it is best to keep the peony flowers under the tree, or in a cool place, remember not to put under the sun for exposure.

8. Prevent pests and diseases

In August and September, it is a period of frequent occurrence of peony blossom mildew. At this time, we must remember to give peony flowers, carry out pest prevention and management measures, and recommend the use of diluted carbendazim solution Every 10 days to its watering, can play an effective pest prevention measures.

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