There are many varieties of Paeonia suffruticosa, and the propagation methods are different for different varieties and cultivation purposes. Single Petal, many seeds, roots developed, thick root skin, high yield, good quality, multi-use seed reproduction. Peony in Gansu and other places for ornamental purposes, double large and beautiful flowers, more non-seed, more use of asexual reproduction.

The propagation of Paeonia Rockii is mainly by seed propagation in nature. Seed propagation is sexual propagation, which refers to the use of peony seeds to reproduce seedlings, the seedlings produced by seeding seedlings or seedlings, is one of the most common propagation methods. Seeds are the product of pollination and fertilization, and have the genetic characteristics of their parents. The seedlings produced are robust, resistant and adaptable It can be widely used in landscape greening and even in barren hills in arid, cold and poor soil areas. At the same time, the seedlings often have complex character variation, thus creating conditions for breeding new varieties. Paeonia rockii has a strong seed-setting ability, thus laying a foundation for seed propagation. Because the method is simple and the propagation coefficient is large, the seeds can be used to propagate Paeonia Rockii for planting seeds and seedlings, medicine cultivation, oil cultivation and new variety breeding.

1. Seed Reproduction, selection of disease-free healthy plants, in July and August, when the fruit is yellow crab picked in batches, spread indoor cool damp ground, often turn, until most of the shell cracking, sieve out seeds Choose a large, plump seed and sow it immediately. If can not sow in time, should pile up with wet sandy soil layer by layer in shady and cool place. The fresh seeds were soaked in 50 °C warm water for 24-30 hours before sowing in Gansu Province, which made the seed coat soft and degummed, expanded by absorbing water and easy to germinate. In some areas, soaking seeds with Gibberellin (25PPm) for 2-4 hours before sowing can improve germination rate and help to cultivate strong seedlings. Sowing and seedling raising from mid-august to early September, sowing in drill or on demand. Drill, according to the row spacing 25 cm transverse ditch, ditch depth 5 cm, sowing about 10 cm, each ditch sowing mixed with the seeds of wet plant ash 100-150, and then covered with fine soil 3 cm, and finally grass. Each mu is planted with 30-50 kilograms. On demand, row spacing 30 cm, plant spacing 20 cm, dig round Hole, hole depth 4-6 cm, hole bottom to flat, the hole into the decomposed manure, and then each hole evenly sow 4-5 seeds, covered with fine soil about 4 cm, then covered with grass about 4 cm thick To protect against the cold. The amount of seed sown per mu is about 50 kg. Should pay attention to watering in case of drought.

If properly managed, the seedlings will be ready for planting in the second year. Young plants can not be transplanted until the third year.

2.Seedlings are transplanted from September to October of the 2nd year. The large and small seedlings should be planted separately for easy management. On the ground in good line spacing 4050 cm, 20 cm deep hole, 20-25 cm long, the hole dozen into high, low slope, from high gradually low. After the bottom of the hole is cut flat, each hole planting seedlings 1 or 2, banked soil, gently raised seedlings, so that the roots and soil close contact, and then add soil slightly higher than the border surface, gently compacted. In Tongling, Anhui Province, you put cake fertilizer or human excrement and urine, and then you cover it with soil. When transplanting, pay attention to the root to stretch, do not curl. Each mu can be planted seedlings 3000-5000 points.

Different from other peonies, Paeonia rockii has thick petals, strong fragrance, tall plants, strong growth, cold resistance, less pests, long life, high medicinal value and wide adaptability. Paeonia rockii can be used in the construction of Peony Garden, Villa landscaping, landscape, agricultural ecological park construction. In addition to its ornamental and medicinal value, Paeonia rockii seeds can be used to extract edible oils and essential oils, and petals and stamens can be used to make tea, food, beverages, dried flowers and extract essences for cosmetics. In addition, the branches, leaves, flowers and fruits of Paeonia Rockii all contain rich medicinal ingredients such as Paeonol and Paeoniflorin, which can be used to extract medicine instead of digging roots to get medicine in the past. It can also be used in large areas for returning farmland to forests and afforestation In order to further protect the ecological environment.

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