It is better to plant sandy loam. If the soil is too sticky, it will affect its growth. It is most suitable for the growth of well-drained, fertile and loose soil, can be mixed with sand, rotten leaf soil, rotten base fertilizer, in the bottom of the pot add a layer of small stones, improve soil drainage.

Soil requirements for tree peony planting
The tree peony is a kind of plant of the woolly tree peony. Suitable for loose, fertile, well-drained, rich organic soil. It can also be combined with some organic soil or organic fertilizer to supplement the fertility of the soil, so that plants grow better.
What soil does peony breed with?
Tree peony to the soil relatively high requirements, the best planting sandy loam, if the soil is too sticky, will affect its growth, the most suitable for good drainage, fertile, loose soil growth.
In general, we can mix sand, rotting leaf soil and decaying fertilizer, adding a layer of small stones at the bottom of the pot to improve the drainage of the soil, more suitable for its growth.

1.Rotten leaf soil
Humus soil, namely humus soil, mainly with water mixing the leaves of various plants, weeds, garden soil, feces and urine, accumulation, fermentation and decay. It is an acidic soil, but needs to be disinfected and exposed to sunlight before use.
Sand has good drainage and air permeability. If the right amount of clay is added, the physical structure of the matrix can be improved, but there is no fertility. When preparing the soil, it is necessary to add organic fertilizer.
3.Preparation of peony nutrient soil
Peony soil can be directly used after disinfection of the soil, or according to 2:1 or 3:1 ratio of mixed river sand and garden soil. Good drainage and air permeability, not easy water accumulation.

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