Many friends who like tree peonies should know that after September, peonies will gradually enter a dormant stage, so when people appreciate flowers in the peony park, they will always see some bare branches, no beauty at all. In fact, don’t be fooled by the appearance of the tree peony flower. Although the branches of the treepeony flower are bare, its roots have not entered the dormant stage. They are still sprouting new roots all the time, so while it is still early winter, the climate is not very cold, we quickly planted a tree peony at home, just remember 4 elements, to next year in April, May, there are still flowers to enjoy it!

However, although this is indeed a suitable stage for planting peonies, it is also not suitable for planting in every region. For those areas in the north where the climate is already colder, it is not suitable for planting peonies, however, for most areas in the south, there is no problem at all. It is just that when planting, it is best to disinfect the roots of the peonies first and do a good job of wound healing, then by the second year will not affect its normal growth, flowering. Therefore, the next to give you about the cultivation of peony 4 elements, we hope to raisetree peony flower process play a certain role.


The treepeony flower likes to grow in the sandy loose soil which the terrain is high and the drainage is good, had better be in a ventilated and sunny position, the soil is neutral is better, avoids the over-acid or the over-alkali, before planting, it is best to use Carbendazim and other disinfectants to disinfect the soil, so in the process of planting peony, there will be no virus infection.

2. Plant

In general, treepeonies can be planted before the snow, especially in October to November this stage, planting peonies is the most likely to survive, neither easy autumn hair, will not affect its rooting. Although the weather is becoming cooler, but it is not suitable for excessive sun exposure or cold down when doing peonies. When making peonies, people can bury some decomposed leaf soil that has been sterilized at the bottom of the pot, or organic fertilizer from farmers, and then cover it with a layer of decomposed garden soil, and then plant peonies, finally, the fill is level with the ground, which can be watered after compaction and then loosened or sealed in the shape of a mound of steamed bread to facilitate winter.

3. water

After planting the treepeony, we should also pay attention to drainage measures. Generally speaking, we should water the peony once before freezing to ensure that the peony can resist the cold and improve its frost resistance. At the same time, by next spring, we should also do a good job drainage, so as to avoid excessive accumulation of water and peony flower root rot phenomenon.

4. fertilize

The next step is to fertilize the peony, a plant that likes to eat fertilizer at least two to three times a year. In the spring, urea or phosphorus and potassium are generally applied to promote the differentiation of the flower branches and buds. After the flowering period, only need to give him some nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer, so that the peony flower enough nutrition self-cultivation.

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